Spelter Tours and Travel Company Ltd is a registered Tour operator in Uganda that offers different kinds of tours ranging from Cultural, Honey moon, Safaris, Retreats, Mountain climbing and many more.
Our aim is to share the country’s uniqueness to everyone, so to achieve this; we work with local guides and tour experts that are from the country, knowledgeable about tourism and experienced in the field for better service delivery. Our Directors are tourism professionals, they studied tourism and have also been working in different tour companies and even hotels so with this experience and exposure, we are confident that we will provide the best experience for our clients. Our customers are our first priority that’s why all our packages are flexible and can be arranged as per the customer’s request. We also have a section of tailor made were customers come up with their dream trip ideas and we put more light on it to make it more memorable.

Our partners

Amazing Deals;  To make the trip easy and affordable for you, we partner with other service providers like safari lodges and hotels which helps in acquiring better deals for you without compromising the standards.

Quality assurance; Since we want all our customers to leave as friends we ensure that we provide quality services by attending to their request fast, make sure all packages consider value for money, and make sure we have trained guides and staff.

Travel with a purpose; The money paid by you, part of it will be saved and shared to communities and people of special needs, we are in partnership with Lake Bunyonyi Life Care Uganda, an NGO that is focussed on helping people in Lake Bunyonyi. We believe in sustainable tourism by giving back to the communities for generations to come.

Our Mission is to offer unique quality services for better customer experiences.

Our Vision is to be the leading tour company in Africa that provide quality, innovative tailor made safaris while being sustainable, flexible and socially responsible in the community.

Our Motto is “Lets Discover the World Together.”

Our Values are Uniqueness, Sustainability, Community Support, Quality services, Value for money, Honesty, Flexibility and reliability, Integrity and Teamwork