Sustainability in our local/tradition meaning. This is the way how we act socially and economically in our existing natural habitats or environment.

Spelter Tours and Travel has devoted to sustainability as a way of giving back to the community enomically, socially and environmentally.


Spelter tours and travel company makes it a point in embracing sustainability in many ways for the good of the future.

At Spelter tour and Travel Company we pledge to follow sustainable development goals of UNWTO such as:

  1. Poverty eradication: We are doing our best to reduce on poverty by employing local people, supporting the communities through partnering with Lake Bunyonyi life care Uganda.
  2. No hunger: We are teaching the community around Lake Bunyonyi how to overcome hunger by teaching them different ways in farming like growing Irish potatoes and other cash crops, grazing goats and chickens and using their wastes for manure.
  3. Good health and wellbeing. Lake Bunyonyi life care Uganda is working with also health workers who are making it a point to make sure health facilities are extended to the communities, together with us we will make sure more boats are provided for easy transport to hospitals.
  4. Clean water and Sanitation: We plan to extend clean water to the community through use of underground water, we will contribute towards it and also sensitize the communities about the benefits of clean water.
  5. Environmental conservation: Spelter tours and travel company work in consideration of the environment, we make sure that all our clients plant a tree on each of their trip to protect the environment, we discourage use of plastic bottle water at office, emphasize sharing documents and work online to minimize use of papers and many more.


  • To ensure that all sustainable development goals of UNWTO are achieved.
  • Achieve travel life accreditations.
  • Increase our social and environmental commitments.
  • Reduce impact on environment by ensure the community supports the ideas and appreciate its importance.


Why Sustainability at Spelter Tours and Travel?

-To protect environment and natural resources for the future generation.

-To create a positive impact on the livelihoods.

-For mutual relationships between our guests, employees, communities with the love for the environment.

Spelter Tours and travel sustainability focal points.


Spelter Tours and Travel has devoted to sustainability as a way of giving back to the community enomically, socially and environmentally.

*Spelter Tours and Travel works hand in hand with local guides in different communities/societies because they have all the background information and knowledge at their fingertips that creates interesting / memorable and experiential trips to our clients. In addition to this creates a good working relationship thus working in harmony and creating a peaceful environment of stay to our clients.

*Spelter Tours and Travel involves in giving support in different societies (community support) through partnerships for example Lake Bunyonyi Life Care Uganda, donations through a safari with purpose campaign where a 10% of client payment is contributed towards this to create a change by empowering development in societies/communities.

*Spelter Tours and Travel endeavors to encourage its clients to buy souvenirs from communities as a way of giving support to community members.

*In support to avoid littering and degrading the environment, Spelter Tours and Travels provides its own branded water bottles to its clients as a campaign for conservation of environment by avoiding purchase of bottled water. In addition to this, Spelter Tours and Travel provides environmental friendly trash bins made in sisals and papyrus reeds that can easily rote if littered in its offices and vehicles.

*Spelter Tours and Travel has endeavored to brand its assets like office building, vehicles, paint wall fences with nature bleeding colors that are uniform to the environment to avoid scaring animals in their natural habitats thus respect to the wildlife.

In addition to this in our travel plan tips in what to pack, Spelter Tours and Travel encourages its clients to have nature bleeding clothes like green, lemon green, cream among others in respect with nature colors.

*Spelter Tours and Travel in partnership with Lake Bunyonyi Life Care Uganda have created an awareness advocacy to people to avoid encroaching natural areas like lakes, swamps, rivers among others. This has helped in maintaining the natural environment in its shape.